Understanding the Powdered Metallurgy Process

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Powder metallurgy involves heating compacted metal powders just below their melting temperatures to create hardened Net Shape geometries. It is the best method for producing high-quality parts for numerous significant applications. The popularity of powder metallurgy can be attributed to the advantages the technique has over conventional metal forming processes like forging and metal casting. […]

Gearing Types and Applications

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Gears are essential components in many mechanical systems, especially in transmitting power and motion from one rotating shaft to another. They come in various shapes and sizes, each with its unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Particularly, mechanical gears are utilized to increase productivity and reduce costs. Some applications include assembly lines, robots, conveyor belts, […]

How to Get the Right Powdered Metal Products

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Manufacturers are always looking for an advantage in quality, cost, and production time – all to provide better services and product options for their target markets. As a result, they often compare side to side but look outside the box when they crave innovation or a more cost-effective solution for their manufacturing needs. One of […]

Nut and gear combination medical

Why High Precision Matters for Your Fabricated Components

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As electronic devices, medical devices, automobiles, and other products adopt smaller and more complex forms, precision fabricated components become more critical. To fit tight spaces and complex geometries, these miniature components must achieve a level of precision not possible through conventional manufacturing. Today, precision fabrication and manufacturing are the most in-demand sectors of industrial manufacturing. […]

Two piece assembly sintered together automotive shift by wire

The Growth of Actuators & Other Motion Control Components In Electric Vehicles

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With the electric vehicle (EV) industry expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 29% over the next decade, there has been a significant increase in demand for actuators and other motion control components for electric vehicles. Powdered and sintered metals offer improved magnetic performance, lightweight, and reduced noise vibrations, making them an excellent […]

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Top Steel Grades for Manufacturing Miniature Components

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Sintering uses pressure and heat to form powdered metal materials into a 80-95% solid mass without fully melting the metal. As the metal granules are pressed together, they begin to bond together the irregular particles to form a “green” compact. These compacts interconnected particles are then sintered to melt the particles together giving the component […]

Powder Metallurgy Components For A Planetary Gearset

What Is Powdered Metal Manufacturing?

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An Overview on Powdered Metal Parts & the Powder Metallurgy Process Powdered metals are alloys processed into a fine, grain-like powder through one of several processes. Primarily made from stainless steel, brass, copper, iron, or bronze, these metals can be blended with other alloys to achieve the desired material properties and characteristics for a particular […]

2020 PM Design Awards

Allied Wins Big At Design Excellence Awards Competition

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Allied Sinterings Inc. is excited to announce news of our recent success in the 2020 Powder Metallurgy (PM) Design Excellence Awards Competition. We are the proud recipients of an award of distinction in the automotive transmission category for conventional pm components! Our award-winning component, a sear pin assembly, is used in shift-by-wire automotive transmission actuators […]

Allied Sinterings, Inc.

COVID-19 Notice

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Allied Sinterings, Inc., an essential Connecticut-based powdered metal manufacturing company, is open for business and available for COVID-19 medical device response manufacturing and assembly. We are currently manufacturing products and components for the safety, medical, aerospace and defense industries. We are now here to help respond to the COVID-19 pandemic with our manufacturing and assembly capabilities.


Understanding the Powdered Metallurgy Process

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